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// Overcoming Limitations

Key Platform Characteristics


The frequent migration of myeloid cells from the blood into solid tumors as well as sites of inflammation.


Myeloid cells to produce anti-tumor agents and modify the tumor microenvironment.


Phagocytic properties of myeloid cells, including the capability to recognize and engulf cancer cells.


Innate and adaptive immunity to elicit a broad anti-tumor immune response with tumor-specific T-cells.

// The Impact of Myeloid Cells in Disease

The Conductors of the Immune System

Myeloid Cells are the front lines of defense against disease, responsible for choreographing downstream immune responses. Myeloid cells are versatile with effector functions capable of killing cancer cells. Our first-in-class platform harnesses the innate abilities of myeloid cells to engulf cancer cells, produce anti-tumor agents, promote anti-tumor adaptive immunity and alter the tumor microenvironment – and ultimately kill cancer. 

// ATAK™ Immunotherapy Platform

Harness the Innate Abilities of Myeloid Cells

When applied to a therapeutic candidate, immunotherapy is designed to recognize cancer cells, produce anti-tumor agents, promote anti-tumor adaptive immunity, alter the tumor microenvironment, and ultimately kill cancer. Myeloid is currently focused on advancing its ATAK CAR monocytes, which are myeloid cells with innate immune receptor-inspired CARs to recognize and kill cancer.

In addition, Myeloid has streamlined its manufacturing for its ATAK cell therapy candidates through a rapid, single-day cell process, which provides significant advantages to the patient and contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMO) over allogeneic approaches.