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Myeloid Announces Appointment of Matthew Maurer, M.D. as Chief Medical Officer

CAMBRIDGE, Mass, December 6, 2023 – Myeloid Therapeutics, Inc. (“Myeloid”), a clinical stage oncology company, has appointed Matthew Maurer, M.D. as Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Maurer is an experienced physician-scientist with over fifteen years of clinical oncology experience as a drug developer and a principal investigator advancing multiple cancer programs through the early and late stages of development at biotechnology and large pharmaceutical companies. In his new role, Dr. Maurer will be responsible for leading and expanding Myeloid’s clinical portfolio and will serve as a key member of its executive management team.

“We are very pleased that Matt has joined Myeloid as our Chief Medical Officer. Matt is a well-respected oncology expert with significant expertise in leading clinical teams that have advanced important anti-cancer therapies through all stages of development,” said Daniel Getts, Ph.D., Myeloid CEO. “This is an exciting time at Myeloid, with our first in vivo candidate MT-302 recently entering Phase 1 for patients with TROP2-expressing tumors. With Matt coming on board, we believe his proven track record in running successful oncology studies will strengthen our capabilities and enable us to expand our in vivo mRNA programming clinical franchise.”

Dr. Maurer has joined Myeloid from IDEAYA Biosciences, where he was VP, Head of Medical Affairs and Clinical Oncology and participated in leading the strategy and execution of the company’s oncology portfolio and achieved clinical proof-of-concept for darovasertib, initial first-in-human testing of a MAT2A inhibitor and an IND for a PARG inhibitor in solid tumors. Prior to IDEAYA, Dr. Maurer was a senior director at Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) where he participated in leading the early development and proof-of-concept of relatlimab in advanced melanoma as well as multiple approvals of immunotherapy combinations in renal cell carcinoma. Prior to BMS, Dr. Maurer was a physician investigator and Assistant Professor of Medicine at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, where he served as a breast cancer specialist. Dr. Maurer received a BSE in Mechanical Engineering from Princeton University and earned his medical degree from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Dr. Maurer is an author on over 30 peer-reviewed publications in preclinical and clinical oncology and was the principal investigator on over 15 clinical oncology trials.

Dr. Maurer added, “I have been impressed with Myeloid’s strategic approach and leadership position with in vivo mRNA programming. I am enthusiastic about MT-302 and the full clinical potential of the Myeloid pipeline. I look forward to leading the team and continuing to harness myeloid biology and bring unmatched product designs with transformative full-immune engagement to patients with cancer, in an effort to improve and save lives.”

About in vivo mRNA Programming

Myeloid’s novel in vivo engineering platform is designed to program myeloid cells in vivo, so these cells recognize tumor cells, resulting in direct tumor cell killing and the elicitation of broad anti-tumor adaptive immunity. Myeloid has demonstrated that its novel CAR constructs can selectively program myeloid cells and do so directly in vivo, leading to potent tumor killing in multiple “cold tumor” preclinical models where alternative therapies, including CAR Ts and checkpoints show no activity.
Myeloid’s current in vivo programming portfolio consists of novel CAR constructs that have been tailored for selective expression in various immune cells, including myeloid cells, NK cells and T-cells. Active programs within Myeloid’s in vivo preclinical pipeline include known tumor antigens as well as confidential novel epitopes.

About Myeloid’s ATAK™ CAR receptors

Myeloid’s novel class of CARs, known as ATAK™ Receptors, combine tumor recognition with multiple proprietary innate-immune signaling domains. Myeloid scientists have screened multiple unexplored combinations of innate-immune signals and uncovered optimal multi-signal pathways. The combination of cancer recognition binders with these novel intracellular signaling domains allows myeloid cells to be reprogrammed with previously unexplored combinations of immune signals, leading to tumor killing and broad systemic anti-tumor responses.

About Myeloid Therapeutics

Myeloid Therapeutics is a clinical stage oncology company developing novel therapies for cancer. Integrating the fields of mRNA-based therapeutics, immunology, and cancer biology, the Company’s proprietary platform provides clinical solutions for patients with solid tumors.

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